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Milk mates was set up in Barry in 2002 by 13 new mothers, initially came under the auspices of La Leche League / Sure Start, to offer mum to mum support for mothers to be, and new mothers who intend to be or are breastfeeding their babies.

We unfortunately lost our support of Sure Start due to reorganisation. They are now known as Flying Start. So we re-launched on our own in April 2007.

We needed funding so we applied to the VCVS for help and we also applied for the Kick-Start II grant. We got given the grant and we decided that we should re-launch the incentive scheme that was initially set up by Sure Start to encourage more mothers to breastfeed longer.

The incentive scheme offers incentives i.e. nappies, breast pads, and breast pumps to mothers who breastfeed and attend the group.

We have trained approximately 40 mothers to become peer supporters but due to other commitments / going back to work / stopping feeding etc mothers drop out and we need to train more peer supporters. There is a high turnover due to nature of breastfeeding, i.e. usually 6 months. There are a few more committed members who have been helping the group since the beginning plus the newly trained supporters.

We meet weekly on a Thursday from 1pm till 3pm at:

St Davidís hall,

Winston road,

Colcot, Barry.

For details please call : 07914 400542




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1 High Street, Barry

Tel No. 01446 738884/01446 749397

Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm